... Chalikounas beach, Corfu - Cedarsand sand dunes


The narrow strip of sand that separates beautiful Lake Korissia from the sea marks the boundary of the island's most exotic beach. For those who love nature, walking and tranquillity, this is pure par­adise. To get here, take the highway for Lefkimmi, turn right at the level of Mesongi and follow the signs for Kastro Gardiki and the lake. At the end of the road you will find a small beach, with recliners and a snack bar. But don't stop there.
Continue on foot along the rush-lined lakeshore, and cross the little bridge that takes you into the dense cedar forest. From here to Agios Georgios (an hour and a half walk along the forest), stretch kilometres of fine damp sand that has been shaped into dunes. Green hills on the one hand, golden hills on the other. The only people you will meet will be other walkers, and a few campers. Pick your ideal spot, and for a moment you'll feel like being in the "Blue Lagoon".
(28 km from Corfu town)

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