Information about Ermones - Corfu

Ermones is a quiet beach located in a bay area, which lies beneath lush hills. It is really a tiny bay with a pebbles and sand beach nestled between green hills on the West Coast of Corfu.  It is a stunning blue flag beach, comprised of sand and shingle, with waters that deepen abruptly. Ermones offers an extraordinary landscape and provides visitors with water sport facilities, like diving (Ermones is perfect for diving holidays) and sailing, piers, a few tavernas and cafes, and several hotels. You can rent a boat and discover the small private coves nearby. There are several hotels and restaurants in the area.
The beach of Ermones is situated on the west coast of the island at adistance of 15 kilometers from the town of Corfu island. In the area of the beach exist a lot of facilities, like car and motorbike rental, tourist agencies restaurants, hotels etc. Just above the beach there are 4 hotels, bars and on the beach marine sports facilities (diving, boats for rent, windsurfing). The beach has a length of about 300 meters and a Width of from 10 to 40 meters and at one end a small river crosses it. The natural environment of the beach has not rare kinds of animals or Plants. The flora is rich and consists mainly of olive trees, cypresses, fruit trees and several kinds of bushes. The fauna consists only of domestic animals.
The visitors have the following possibilities in order to them reach in the coast:
The green buses which leave from the center of the city every 2 hours
With a private car in about 20 minutes from Corfu town
The most important environmental activities are Seminar, Lecture, Photo and writing competition, clean up drawing competition, e.c.c