... Ermones beach, Corfu - The beach of Ulysses

We don't know what Ulysses may have seen when he stepped ashore here, but today's visitor arrives at a tiny bay, all peb­bles and sand, surrounded by hotels, taver­nas and green hills. Ermones is the most northerly of Corfu's beaches in the area of Mesi, just past Ropa valley and the Corfu golf course. The beach is organised, and has a diving centre. You can rent a boat and dis­cover the small private coves of the island's western coast.
The visitors have the following possibilities in order to them reach in Ermones beach:
The green buses which leave from the center of the city every 2 hours
With a private car in about 20 minutes from Corfu town
The most important environmental activities are Seminar, Lecture, Photo and writing competition, clean up drawing competition, e.c.c
(18 km from Corfu town)

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