... Gouvia beach, Corfu - Yachts and fish taverna

Yachtsmen will have certainly heard of Gouvia, which has one of the best-organ­ised marinas in Greece. So will fish-lovers, since its fish tavernas (e.g. the Gorgona) are among the best and most popular in Corfu. Scuba diving fans will find just the man here: Christos Mourikis, of the Professional Diving Center, located right at the Gouvia marina, sets off for Nissaki every morning at 09:30 with groups of diving enthusiasts. For less active types there is the Lagoon, a waterland with swimming pool, waterfalls, bar, Internet cafe, aquarobics, happenings and pool parties. The shores around the marina at Gouvia and also towards Kontokali are sandy, with organised beach­es offering all kinds of water sports. They are surrounded by hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, shops and clubs of every description. Most of the people you meet on Gouvia beach will be young foreigners from the nearby hotels, but there will also be Greeks, coming for a swim near the town. (9 km from Corfu town)

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