Information about Ipsos - Corfu

Ipsos is a short 9-mile hop north-west from Corfu Town (Kerkyra) and Corfu airport and is just north of Dassia on the north-east coast. Ipsos is a massive favourite with young British visitors seeking endless nightlife fun in a resort stretching for over a mile alongside a narrow gently sloping curved pebbly beach with clean water. Ipsos beach has been granted an EU blue flag in recognition of the water’s cleanliness. Water sports like windsurfing and waterskiing are popular holiday activities. Ipsos was known 10/15 years ago as a  party resort, full of club 18-30’s holidays. It is changing though. It is still a very lively resort - the discos and bars remain. The far side of the beach near the harbour is quieter. In Ipsos you will find romantic couples, parents with teenagers - who prefer the busier bars and clubs the other end of the beach!

Ipsos tends to attract young people due to its reputaion. Groups of friends and teenagers enjoy it here. Also the resort is starting to cater for families with teenage children. Many couples enjoy Ipsos as it is a resort with plenty of life, but the edges are the quieter parts, such as the harbour end and the village behind the main road. Ipsos has calm water and a curved bay, a tiny harbour and views of the Greek mainland, Albania, Mount Pandokrator and green inland hills. Ipsos beach offers water taxis to nearby beaches and boat trips are a popular way to admire the dramatic coastline or to reach Paxos, Antipaxos, Erikoussa or Kassiopi or Corfu Town, all of which offer an alternative to the full-on atmosphere of your holidays in Ipsos.
There is no hiding the fact that Ipsos is clearly, above all, a place to party for the young, with countless bars and discos of every description providing clubbing, energetic nightlife and beach action by day.