... Molos Lefkimmi beach, Corfu - Family beach

molos lefkimmi corfu

Fine sand and pebbles as far as the eye can see, water that gets gradually deeper, sparse vegetation (eucalyptus and glasswort), a hand­ful of hotels, their guests and children, and families from nearby Lefkimmi: this is Molos, the vast tranquil beach that lies to the north of Lefkimmi. About 3.5 km (asphalt road) from the village, it is only organised where there are hotels. The tourist exploita­tion is limited to a few hotels and tavernas. There are no restaurants or beach bars, and the only people you're likely to see apart from the bathers (mainly families, Germans and local) are the fishermen who empty their nets every morning at Alykes, on the eastern side of the beach.
(45 km from Corfu town)

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