... Corfu nightlife guide

Corfu is famous for its rich and lively night-life. The capital offers a wide variety of bars and cafes proposing various kind of music, suitable for every taste. Big nigh-clubs are situated outside Corfu Town, mostly concentrated in the beach resorts of Kavos, Roda, Ipsos, Gouvia and Dassia which also offers an incredible amount of lively bars. All those resorts are transforming, at nights, in huge nigh-clubs playing music and serving all kind of drinks until early in the morning. The coastal road of Gouvia is particularly impressive concerning night-life for it is gathering an impressive amount and diversity of bars and night-clubs.

... Corfu night-clubs
Dassia - Corfu - Greece
THE MOST POPULAR PLACE FOR THE NIGHT IN CORFU Fire... the most important element of your night Live the craziest nights of your life Think .....Crazy Hot Fun Breath taking Hapenings FOR EXTREME CLUBERS... You will taste cocktails you can not imagine.
The venue club is situated right in the heart of down town Kavos's nightlife on the main street. Ask anybody or just follow the crowd... it's a way of life seven nights a week... Every night a different program of entertainment. Covering all styles of music for all age groups plus to include special feature attractions and DJ's. Top Events followed with Top DJ's...
In Corfu (Kerkyra) Town, the most popular places to go are the cafes on Liston Promenade or the cafes on the north end of Splianada Square. The cafes are open from morning to night and are always bustling with people. Bars and cafes can also be found on the main roads throughout the city. Restaurants and taverns serving delicious local delicacies are virtually everywhere, just look for a place with a lot of locals dinning. One of the new places, wich its good to visit is: Stablus Hall
Live Greek Music Halls can be found on the road from Corfu (Kerkyra) Town to Gouvia, while many night clubs are situated at close distance to either the Old Fortress or the New Fortress. Throughout the island there are many bars, cafes, beach bars and clubs for nighttime entertainment.

Aharavi Mango Greek   Holidaymakers
Ag. Geogios (North) Balloon Greek   Mixed
Corfu Town Coca Greek Greek dance music, Commercial. Locals
Kavos Checkers   Hard Trance, House, US House, Garage. Holidaymakers
Kavos Futures   Commercial, occasional Old Skool. Holidaymakers
Kavos Limelight English, occasional big name DJ's Trance, Hard House Holidaymakers
Kavos S-EX   Mainly commercial. Foam party every night. Holidaymakers
Kavos Venue English, occasional big name DJ's Varies from night to night Holidaymakers
Roda Sound Factory Greek (local & from mainland) / International Promoted events. DJ's - various styles, some live bands. Usually only open Saturdays. Locals
Sidari Mint English Commercial, R&B, Garage, House, some Drum n Bass. Holidaymakers
Sidari Caesars Greek Commercial, House, Hard House, Trance, some R&B. Foam party once a week. Holidaymakers