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... Corfu Properties for sale

We offer new fully equiped, old and repaired houses for sale in Corfu island. We also sell land plots with sea view close to the well known beaches of Corfu. Some houses we build and sell are luxurious and fully equiped. The materials we use for the constuction are of the best quality stones, wood, iron and concrete.
The new houses we sell are built according to the last directions of European Union and can resist a ten Richter earthquake. We also sell repaired houses in the region of Corfu and we can issue licenses for house building. We offer houses for sale from 60.000 to 500.000 euro.

Is buying property in Corfu good move?
With the recent U.K. government initiative allowing people to invest in residential property through releasing monies held in their pension fund, there has never been a better time to buy a second home in Corfu. Property in Corfu is extremely affordable, when compared to the Northern Mediterranean, and its a much safer place to invest than other places nearby. However, since Greece joined the European Community, property prices have risen at a steady pace year on year.
The latest economic data points to the cost of living in Greece reaching parity with the UK by 2026. When you consider an average two bedroom detached house in the UK costs more than twice that of one in Crete, you can see that buying a home in Corfu, is certainly a good move. Corfu is an island paradise where a couple can live well on around 11,000 euros a year, and that would include running a small car and even comprehensive private health insurance too!